ALASKA – Explore and see more!

We have just returned from an independently planned itinerary to southwest Alaska. We experienced stunning scenery, quiet roads and the most amazing wildlife sights that included the Alaskan Brown Bear, Moose, Bald Eagle, and Sea Otters all in their natural environment . Alaskans are warm and welcoming and justly proud of such a great state. Our favourite part of North America.

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Whether you are a professional or keen amateur photographer or just have a keen interest in wildlife and the wilderness – you will not surpass our exclusive fly in lodges in southwest Alaska.
Jean and Martin Founds recently returned from a filming/photography visit and were astounded by how close one could (safely) be to the most amazing wildlife and in such stunning surroundings. Top guides ensure you get the best views and you are in safe hands.
Even though you are venturing deep into a pristine wilderness lodge standards are extremely comfortable. Silver Salmon Creek Lodge is one of the best but does book up almost a year in advance!