Lauklines, Norway – Explore the Adventures!

We have just received this season summary from Explore the Arctic, in Lauklines, North Norway, with regards to their fishing season. They are now looking forward to the winter season with whale watching, winter fjord cruises and Northern Lights trips.

We have now completed another successful fishing season. This was the first season with our new specially built charter boat and it has proven to be the perfect boat for charter boat angling.

Specially Built Charter Boat

In the start of the season we experienced good fishing for big cod. Due to low water temperatures this fishing lasted until the end of May. The first couple of weeks of the season we also caught some big ling up to approx. 20kg. The amount of big ling seems to increase every year in our area.

Big Cod

The fishing for wolffish started in May and reached its peak in June and July. The biggest one we caught this season was approx. 9kg.

The big coalfish also arrived during May. For a couple of weeks in the end June and start of July we experienced fantastic top water fishing for big coalfish. We even caught them on poppers and floating stickbaits. The biggest coalfish this season was approx. 16kg.

The fishing for haddock was a bit slow this season, even if we caught some nice one in the end of the season.

The fishing for halibut was also a bit slow this season, even if it picked up in the end of the season. The biggest halibuts were caught in September, with fish up to 198cm. As always we had peaks in the halibut fishing a few days before full moon and new moon.

This year the big shoals of mackerel arrived in the start of July and the biggest one we caught was 1,5kg.

The fishing for flatfish in the end of the season resulted in some nice plaice and dab. Plaice up to 3,2kg and dab up to 1kg were caught.

The end of the season has also offered good fishing for whiting and redfish at the deep drop-offs.

As always we had many spectacular nature and wildlife experiences during the fishing trips, such as sea eagles, orcas, mink whales, dolphins and porpoises.

Sea Eagle

Northern Lights


What a Catch!

The booking for the next season has already begun and the first trips will take part in the start of May.

For more information call one of our experts at Martins World Travel to discuss your preferred itinerary, on 01246 823763 or 01246 220020. View more on our website


Australia Ocean Drive – Melbourne to Sydney

Australia has always been high on my wish list.

Martin, and I flew out in March, leaving a cold and wet British winter for an unusually hot late Summer in Australia. Singapore Airlines are one of our most partner airlines and whether it is business, premium or economy the levels of comfort, food and service are the highest.

Our 3 week self drive trip started in Melbourne and ended in Sydney. Roads are relatively quiet and well maintained. They are well signed too but we did take our own Garmin satnav with us too which was great. We chose our own tailor made itinerary and it proved to be the perfect holiday combing all the top sights, great scenery and amazing wildlife. One I would seriously recommend…

Port Campbell is the ideal base to enjoy the magnificent Ocean Drive Coastline. Scenic sights, walks, pristine beaches and interesting wildlife abound.

Phillip Island is a must stay location south east of Melbourne and our highlight was the Little Penguin Parade. Hundreds of the world’s smallest penguins return to their burrows to rest as the sun sets.

After an easy 4 hour drive we arrived at the coastal village of Metung, gateway to the East Gippsland lakes.  Drive inland for an hour or so and you reach the foothills of the Australian Alps. The small towns of Omeo and Buchan offer good dining. There is an amazing cave walk (guided) at Buchan located in a small state park, this is a “must” see excursion.

We enjoyed a long days drive deep into the Snowy Mountains home to the highest peaks in Australia. Good tarmac roads (but with some numerous bends) offer stunning views.

Murramurang National Park is home to lots of wildlife including eastern grey kangaroos which wander at will and if your wish is to see wildlife up close, this is the place. Rainbow Lorikeets are one of numerously colourful bird species. Beaches here are stunning and almost deserted.

We ended our three week trip by taking a fly out break to Ayers Rock (Uluru) which was amazing and after exploring the coast and country enjoyed a city break in magnificent Sydney. This is one of the worlds most friendly cities that is so easy to explore.

Let us create a special itinerary to suit your personal requirements. We have seven staff who have each visited Australia.

Jean Founds, Martins World Travel, Bolsover Office. Tel 01246 823763

Iceland, West Fjord Region.

To get the best of the weather May to September is an ideal time to explore the rugged countryside of northwest Iceland. Roads are relatively traffic free and extremely scenic. Rugged mountains, clear streams and lots of waterfalls. Iceland is a young country but there are many historic buildings to view. Geothermal activity and signs of past volcanic activity are easily found.

Driving on mile upon mile of coastal or mountain roads is a pleasure. There are lots of walking/hiking trails to explore and the scenery is stunning. We enjoyed 5 days in early October and experienced changeable weather.

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ALASKA – Explore and see more!

We have just returned from an independently planned itinerary to southwest Alaska. We experienced stunning scenery, quiet roads and the most amazing wildlife sights that included the Alaskan Brown Bear, Moose, Bald Eagle, and Sea Otters all in their natural environment . Alaskans are warm and welcoming and justly proud of such a great state. Our favourite part of North America.

IMG_5794 IMG_5911 IMG_6718 IMG_6742 IMG_6753 IMG_6975 IMG_7058



Whether you are a professional or keen amateur photographer or just have a keen interest in wildlife and the wilderness – you will not surpass our exclusive fly in lodges in southwest Alaska.
Jean and Martin Founds recently returned from a filming/photography visit and were astounded by how close one could (safely) be to the most amazing wildlife and in such stunning surroundings. Top guides ensure you get the best views and you are in safe hands.
Even though you are venturing deep into a pristine wilderness lodge standards are extremely comfortable. Silver Salmon Creek Lodge is one of the best but does book up almost a year in advance!

Fly Drive and Explore Australia.

Australia is a prime holiday destination for touring and exploring in a self drive vehicle. Choose from a wide range of new and reliable vehicles from open topped cars to 4x4x’s and motor campers. Roads are well signed and generally quiet. Maps are supplied and we can create itineraries as flexible or as inclusive as you like. See great sights and experience amazing views and interesting wildlife.

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Australia for great city life.

Enjoy superb dining, great sights and attractions, quality hotels and stunning beaches. Australian Cities of Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Hobart are well worth including on any itinerary. We can create a multi city combination holiday to suit your requirements and budget. We offer amazing value holidays to Australia in conjunction with our travel partner, Travel2.